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Ways down in town of Witch Street there was a Princess-Tree

Was elegant with flowers of lavender color

Born up as kid with nature’s love
Hanging leaves in the gust with raising brushwood’s
Days passed away with dawn and moon
Witches in Witch Street were viewing with smile in brims.
She grew up above and above with her dreams
she raised her branches up to heaven with love

As she grew one of her gust was in golden color
she didn’t highly distinct it.

Days and seasons changed with fear

She was wondering why I am alone in this witch street

She noticed a yellow maple with hats hanging on brushwood’s
she twinkled with her eyes and welcomed yellow maple
Along with the days as friends they fall in love

Romance was born and resulted with sign for love

They named her as red maple with love
Red maple even had a golden leaf even hangs on her gust
on the lights of dusk she was playing with her mother

Witches came near by and was going to pluck the
Golden leafs on Princess, but
Hands of witch plucked out red maple’s leaf
Storms lighted up, gust moved around with fire

Princess hold her into her hands and closed her eyes
But red maple turned into red woods and disappeared
Princess cried loudly and raised her brushwood’s
and she torn witch into pieces and thrown

Up above the clouds the witch shattered around
Princess cried out of heart at loud with tears
and screamed for her little heart

Yellow maple hugged Princess  and said

Our red maple won’t come back
And though we should leave this world
My red maple……. they cried loud
With falling  leaves and dried  tears
They  died out  with lasting love.

July 2012

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