Show – Don’t Tell Exercise —- ‘ Jane was angry with her father.’

Her eyes were wide open, her lips small like a pencil line, starring with a clenched feast at her 77-year old dad, who just smashed like a kid’s puzzle the most beloved piece of art of her half a million dollar worth collection of chinaware from the Ming Dynasty. “Sorry, Jane”, stumbled her dad, “but I didn’t see the ball of little Jack on the floor and just felt over it, right into this beautiful vase.” “Really sorry, Dear”, was he saying with a desperate and whispering voice one more time, before he lost his balance again – this time for the last time.


 Haiku ~

1) TIME 

The clock is ticking

My mind is deeply swinging

To the sounds of time!


The harder I fall

The faster my heartbeat goes

The more I love life!



Water runs downwards

The wind strongly blows upwards

Fire warms my heart!