Alexandria the place where my heart belongs.The little township has expanded but still carries the images of the past( historical look). Especially the Potomac River which still houses the once Torpedo factory.where number of important people were supposed to have made their presence know. Like Abraham Lincolin and George Washington.

Alexandria is about 10 minutes run to Washington DC.The once Torpedo factory which uses to make Torpedos for the 1st world war has now become a museum and part of it has become an Arts college or as we call it the School of Arts. Everything about that area still stands the way it use to be .The cobbled roads,the french windows and the old buildings of years ago still voice their opinions of the remnants of the years past.

That particular area of Alexandria is very laid back.People just spend their time at starbucks,starting at 5.00 am.Taking their dogs for a walk,jogging ,cycling name it.I happened to spend 2 very interesting days their .Sketching on the Potomac River Front and watching cruisers takeoff at that point. Trust me when i say, that it is the most fascinating place i have ever been too.I wish i could down load some pictures. I am still new to this