The other day my spiritual Guru asked me to define the word ‘God’? How could one possibly have a definition for the Supreme Personality? Anyhow, it got me thinking and I asked myself what the first thing was that would come to my mind when I think of him.
Just the sound of his magical name brings a tear to my eye- sad? no, a happy tear for I have the privilege of taking his name from my cunning and ruthless tongue; the sound of his name reminds me of a soft bell that rings in my ears and soothens every nerve of my body; it makes me realise where I was wrong and helps me to correct myself by making me feel the aura of having the Lord’s blessings around me at all times; it’s the smile on a little baby’s face and the twinkle in his eyes that reminds me of him; it’s those reassuring thoughts which come to me out of the blue in times of depression;it’s the word, which when taken, makes one feel like a winner when everyone around you calls you a loser; it’s that peaceful and serene look on his face which forces you to find that inner peace and calm.

The Lord- The beginning of everything with no end to it. Why are we all running after immaterial things which only give stress and heartache? Why don’t we chase his love and attention which is for free and the returns are huge? How many of us actually sit down to thank him at the Altar without asking for something in return?

So, let’s put ourselves together and try to be happy, healthy and wise, thereby being accountable for our own actions, whether good or bad.

This topic really has no end to it but I would like to stop here with a very popular quote that most of you might have heard:
‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.’
But for a true devotee of the Lord, we could rephrase this quote as :
‘Smile and the Lord smiles with you, cry and he comes to wipe your tears.’
God Bless.